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"Adas Vedas" is a collection of anecdotes, challenges and observations related to ADAS and self driving vehicles. The intention is to capture light and funny ideas for elevator discussion at university and company. I will use the #adasvedas hashtag so others can join.


I wish to thank many of my colleagues, friends and e-acquintances for the endless discussions, reviews, ideas, critical and funny feedback. Please take this blog "lightly" - it is designed for coffee table discussion; and please do feel free to join.

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Updated: Aug 29, 2018

I really like this short video as it makes fun about the ultimate AI.  Imagine a world where AI is better predicting the future than humans.  Even the most cruel action is helping the world to survive - and humans would not understand why.   

by german students in which a car is killing to safe the world  #adasvedas

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